Father Of Children Killed in Fire Denies Rumors On Receiving RM100,000 Donation 

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Father RM
Image of Ebit Lew from his official Facebook page.

A family of four siblings who died in a fire in Kampung Sabak Awor denied rumors that they were living comfortably after being helped by preacher Ebit Lew. This followed allegations made against the couple that they received RM100,000 from the famous preacher. 

Father denies he received money from Ebit Lew 

The father of the four children who died, Tien Ko Htut, 31, admitted that he had heard rumors that his family had received donations from the preacher, but he insisted that it had never happened. Therefore, the food stall worker asked those who made the allegations to provide evidence, and he and his wife, Nabila Sedu, 30, were willing to cooperate fully with the authorities if called to testify about the matter.

Ebit had previously shared on social media a photo and information about his visit to the family when the funeral for the four siblings was held on March 30. Therefore, Ko Htut believed that the rumors might be related to Ebit’s visit, especially since the preacher is known for his charitable donations.

In the incident that occurred around 8:15 pm on March 30, the four siblings, aged four to eight, were found lying in the bathroom after their house caught fire. At the time of the incident, only the four siblings were at home because their parents had gone out briefly to buy goods in the town. Meanwhile, Ko Htut admitted to being upset when strangers were willing to spread slander against his family.

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Father RM
Image of Ebit Lew from his official Facebook page.

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