Netizens ANGRY At Rude Remarks Stated On Delivery Address 

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Photo by Jordan Brierley from Unsplash.

In Malaysia, there are a number of difficult customers, especially towards business owners. However, it seems that there are those who are especially rude when it comes to their delivery riders. Netizens are vehemently angry at this customer adding rude remarks to their address. 

Customer rude placing remarks on delivery address 

The person states that if the rider is too “stupid” to follow Google maps, might as well not be a delivery rider. Online commenters bashed the person who wrote the remark, saying that they should not be rude to essential workers. 

Some state that the customer must have had riders mistakenly send their items to the wrong address multiple times. A rider came out saying that their jobs can be frustrating as some customers are not clear with their address, and that can lead to a wrong delivery. 

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Photo by Jordan Brierley from Unsplash.

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