Some Friends Are Not For Ever

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Describe something you learned in high school.

Some friends like to disappear and this is what I learned from school and it is still haunting me Today. Imagine that my generation is a bit of a lost generation. And that is because we had nothing to offer to the society as a group.

I believe most people would still have a close, dear friend or two from their deepest childhood.

I have none. I ask myself why? I had so many friends at school. We played soccer together. We gsgned up against bullies, beating them up.

But after school, they were lost, disappeared in thin air. They are altogether lost from social media. This is unthinkable.

My point is that we need those friendship in our lives, to cherish the great moments, to remember the good times from our childhood at school.

Not only I am from a lost generation. I lost all my early friends. Be happy where you are.

Of course, schools taught me one thing: Learn by yourself as the education system does not really teach you much.

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