PPR Residents: We Want To Pay Tax! Out of The Ordinary

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PPR Residents
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Public housing residents in Kuala Lumpur want more empowerment programmes from the government to help them become taxpayers and contribute to the nation’s development.

They say that they are not poor and do not need aid, but want to improve their skills and income. The article features some success stories of residents who have benefited from such programmes and urges the government to allocate more funds and resources for them.

PPR Residents – Self-Sufficient

The article also highlights the challenges and stereotypes faced by public housing residents and how they overcome them. “We want to be more self-sufficient, and we want to change. I don’t want people to be sceptical of PPR residents, and assume that if you live in a PPR, you belong to that stereotype,” a PPR resident said to the local news site.

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