Elizabeth Tan Says Sorry, “Tak Sengaja Terlanggar PM”

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Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth Tan Tak Sennaja

The viral video showing singer Elizabeth Tan accidentally colliding with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, during an arts event for breaking fast went viral. PN-PAS supporters made many comments on the incident. They were not nice.

The Incident

The incident happened as Elizabeth was walking backwards towards the PM while he was shaking hands with others. In the caption of the shared video, Elizabeth apologized for her excitement causing the collision.

Elizabeth Tan – Tak Sengaja

Neutral and pro PH netizens defended both parties, stating that it was a natural accident and that Elizabeth was merely overwhelmed by meeting the PM. Some commenters suggested that she could have stood aside and greeted him instead of walking backwards.

Another video going viral today is the PM not shaking hands with another lady and that was because he had the ablution for prayers while opposition commenters online seemed to attack him for that too.

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