Malaysians UNHAPPY With Food Court Being Labeled As “B40” 

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Food Court B40
Photo by Debbie Tea from Unsplash

This ranking of people based on the assumption of their wealth has gotten Malaysians tired from hearing it. Recently, an internet personality stated that there’s a “B40” food court near MidValley. A netizen went viral stating that this food court is meant for those working around the area, and does not necessarily mean that it’s for “B40” people. 

Malaysians are tired with the B40,M40 and T20 divide 

The netizen went viral after critiquing the influencer for making possibly condescending remarks about the food court. Furthermore, netizens are saying that the prices at that particular food court isn’t that cheap anyways.

Others are questioning the influencer for showing strictly his face only, rather than the food court and its offerings. However, there are those that bonded over the delicious food that the place is currently offering. 

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Food Court B40
Photo by Debbie Tea from Unsplash

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