Gone Fishing or Preaching Peace at The UN

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Be at peace - not wars: Photo from Unplash

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a decade’s time, I’ll be basking in the serenity of a peaceful fishing trip, having dedicated days, weeks, months, if not years to tirelessly building my brand.

My ultimate goal has always remained constant since day one: to deliver excellence. But, if not out fishing in tranquil waters, I will be spreading the message of peace across the vast expanse of the internet, perhaps through a commanding podcast or captivating TikTok channel.


This has been a crucial cornerstone of my existence, and I have always sought to live in harmony with all things. Even in my youth, I would seclude myself in remote corners of my surroundings, seeking inner salvation to reflect, dream, and envision a better future.

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Photo from Unplash

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