Lim Kit Siang: UMNO Needs To Be Stronger Than PAS

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Lim Kit Siang
Image of Lim Kit Siang, from Wikipedia.

Lim Kit Siang stated that his recent comments about the pardon of Najib Razak are aimed at strengthening UMNO compared to PAS and Bersatu. He emphasized that the only way for Umno to regain its former glory is by adhering to the principles and values of nation-building enshrined in the constitution and Rukun Negara.

Lim Kit Siang’s concerns for UMNO

He called for the restoration of judicial independence and prioritizing anti-corruption efforts. While acknowledging criticisms from others, Lim argued that he does not believe pardoning Najib would rejuvenate UMNO after its recent electoral losses. 

He urged UMNO leaders to consider Malaysia’s loss of direction and deviation from its founding principles. Lim expressed hope that Malaysia could become an exemplary country of tolerance, prosperity, and understanding among diverse ethnic groups, religions, and cultures, as envisioned by the country’s founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

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Lim Kit Siang
Image of Lim Kit Siang, from Wikipedia.

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