Wee Ka Siong BASHED For Conflicting Statements on Air Fares 

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KLIA, Khazanah, Wee Ka Siong RM300
Image of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 in KLIA. Photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

Twitter is on a warpath against former Minister of Transport, Dr Wee Ka Siong for his controversial statement jabbing our current MOT, Anthony Loke. He questioned Loke on the pricey airfares to Tawau from Kuala Lumpur, which shows that it is in the RM3,000 range. 

Many are saying that Malaysia Airlines is currently offering fares that are cheaper than what he claims it is. Moreover, many are throwing insults like the word “boomer” to him. 

Netizens calling out Wee Ka Siong’s ridiculous statement 

Another netizen realized that Wee Ka Siong did not do his due diligence properly when critiquing his opponent. Apparently, the airfares are business class fares, and to make it worse, he searched for a Malaysia Airlines flight on the AirAsia super app. To those that don’t know, for obvious reasons, AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines are not friends. 

Others are calling him a bully for his remarks towards Anthony Loke. He uses a reference of an expensive flight solely to make a scene on the internet. Furthermore, this angers the netizens as they feel he is taking them as fools. 

Wee Ka Siong’s conflicting statement from the past

Netizens dug up his old statements saying that Malaysians should plan their trips in advance to avoid expensive air fares. This was when he was the Minister of Transport, and this was exactly how he addressed the situation of rising air fares. Netizens are calling his hypocrisy for trying to look like the “good guy” now, while when he had actual power, he did nothing about the situation. 

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KLIA, Khazanah, Wee Ka Siong
Image of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 in KLIA. Photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

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