Anwar Dares Mahathir To Sue Him. Interesting Says Chin

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James Chin Excited

PM Anwar Ibrahim, after waiting for more than 7 days, has now dared his former mentor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to sue him on his comments the old man’s family amassed a fortune during his tenure as PM in the 1980s onwards.

Anwar Dares Mahathir – What’s Next

Commenting on the decision by Anwar to take the daring road against Mahathir, political analyst James Chin yesterday in a Twitter post said,

James Chin @jameschin110: “This is fantastic news. Why? Because you have to submit documents and these documents will show the actual (and verified) sources of wealth. I can’t wait … (but I don’t think it will happen. One side has too much to loose. I hope I am wrong)”

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