Poverty Line Benchmark: Singapore Urged to Establish an Official One

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GDP of Singapore, poverty line
Image of the Singaporean skyline, image by Latest Malaysia.

Singaporean MP Jamus Lim has called for the establishment of an official poverty line in Singapore to provide a transparent benchmark for government assistance schemes. The lack of a poverty line makes targeting the poor “impossible, or at least imperfect,” said Lim.

A Benchmark

He suggested setting up a committee comprising representatives from the Ministry of Social and Family Development, civil society and academia to determine an appropriate benchmark, with government assistance thresholds pegged to this figure.

Why A Poverty Line?

The ComCare scheme, which provides short- to medium-term financial aid for low-income individuals and families, could also be refined, said Lim. However, MP Desmond Choo warned that a single benchmark could have unintended consequences.

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