GUCCI Under INVESTIGATION: EU Regulators RAID Company’s Facility

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Gucci Investigation
Image of a Gucci handbag, from their official website.

Antitrust regulators of the European Union have inspected a Gucci facility in Milan as part of an ongoing investigation spanning multiple countries. The issue is confirmed by Gucci’s owner, Kering, who stated their full cooperation with the European Commission. 

Gucci under investigation 

The site inspected is involved in the manufacturing of travel items, handbags, and leather goods. Gucci and the European Commission have declined to comment, but sources reveal that similar inspections have targeted other fashion companies not affiliated with Kering.

Kering stated, “In the scope of an inspection carried out as part of a preliminary investigation into the fashion sector in several countries under EU antitrust rules, the European Commission has started on April 18, 2023, an inspection at the Italian premises of Gucci, a subsidiary of Kering. The Group is fully cooperating with the Commission in the context of this investigation.” 

Currently, there are no indications to exactly what the main issue is here. However, if Kering and Gucci are found guilty, there will be severe consequences. It is noted that the fines can cost up to 10% of their global turnover. 

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Gucci Investigation

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