Challenge For Electric Cars During Hari Raya Jams 

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Electric Vehicles
Photo by Larry James Baylas from Unsplash

The praise for Electric vehicles is not a new one as many are seeing them as the more environmentally friendly option to their petrol counterparts. However, one Twitter user questions whether they are even capable of surviving the hours and hours worth of traffic jams during the “balik kampung” season. 

Electric vehicles during jams

However, others are stating that this is a problem that involves petroleum cars as well. It is not mutually exclusive to electric vehicles. Unfortunately, the lack of infrastructure will affect these vehicles more than petroleum cars. 

There are some funny suggestions stating that these vehicles should be upgraded to be solar cars. This will definitely curb the challenges of the lack of infrastructure in rural Malaysia. Jokes that EV drivers should carry a massive power bank for their cars are another popular opinion. 

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