Indonesians Claiming Twin Towers As Theirs 

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Twin Towers KLCC
Photo by Esmonde Yong from Unsplash.

A recent meme that popped out citing that certain Indonesian influencers claiming that the KLCC twin towers are in Indonesia are making waves. Furthermore, it appears that a fake version was built on a jetty that is allegedly in Indonesia. 

Twin Towers in Indonesia? 

There are some brutal comments that were directed towards the Indonesians. Malaysians are stating that Indonesians will claim everything Malaysian except for their people here. Some even state that the whole archipelago is called the Malay archipelago. 

Posts that were intended to be a joke are taken seriously among netizens. At the end of the day, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are drawn to have similar food, culture and practices. This is due to our close proximity to each other and the long history we had together. 

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Twin Towers
Photo by Esmonde Yong from Unsplash.

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