This What Hadi Awang Learned From Mahathir: Acquire Selective Memory

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Image of Tan Sri Hadi Awang, from Wikipedia. Photo taken by Zahirul Nukman.
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The PAS leader was full of praise for Tun Dr Mahathir when the latter became PM for the emph’s time thanks to the Anwar Ibrahim family. He also learned a lot of tricks from his idol, Mahathir. One of these is the ability to acquire selective memory.

Halal Kitchen

Focus Malaysia says it is amusing to note the statement by the Hadi Awang that even if DAP appoints a Muslim chef, the party would never enter into the DAP’s kitchen. (Editor’s Comment: Blaming people is easy, but blaming the food for being halal?

Hadi’s Selective Memory

Hadi conveniently forgets – perhaps due to his lapses in his memory – that between April 2008 and June 2015 when the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition was still in existence, PAS had no problems in “entering DAP’s kitchen”. At that time, it made no difference whether the chef was a Muslim or not. PAS has been working with DAP since 1999, perhaps.

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