Hungry Child Eats Paper Due To Extreme Poverty in Indonesia

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Hungry Child

Extreme Poverty

In Indonesia, a video of a family with eight children went viral. One day, during a Muslim prayer, the organisers gave out roll cakes wrapped with paper. A two-year-old toddler mistook the wrapping paper for food and ate it.

Hungry Child

The mother had to warn the child that it was paper, not cake. The family only eats simple meals with just salt to fill their stomachs. The father had once worked as a cook helper and a private driver, and later as an ojol. The story appeared on Instagram.

However, when his motorcycle broke down, he was forced to sell it for profit, leaving the family with no source of income. He struggled to find a job and even pawned his motorcycle license to a porridge seller for just 50,000 rupiah to feed his family. He has since then been given donations and a new motorbike. Now he can feed his hungry child.

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