No TakBir On TV3: Netizens Ask PN To Get Real

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Members of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) party have taken to social media to criticize the ‘Madani Government’ after a ‘Takbir’ Raya program on TV3 was allegedly cancelled by the government.

The program was scheduled to air at 9 pm last night. Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil was also targeted in the online attacks, with PN members accusing him of being involved in the cancellation.

Nevertheless, the comments were not nice, as usual, towards PN. Some are saying PN should feel lucky to have been considered for the slot since in the past, no opposition would get near TV3 for a political programme or a religious programme.

Gov’t Criticised

No Takbir? Go Social Media

Responding to the PN, a Twitter user, Cik Farah@cikfarahintan said on the no Takbir issue: “Hahahaha dah agak dah game korg . Nk tipu walaun boleh lah walaun percaya . Mana pernah ada lg mana2 parti di Malaysia ni buat takbir raya parti siarkan dlm tv . Siarkan lah dlm sosial media rasmi korg .. Saje nk cari isu.”

The user said it’s all a game for PN. “If you want to trick your supporters, they will believe you.

The user also argued no political parties has ever been allowed to broadcast a ‘religious’ programme on a national TV station.

“Put it live on your social media. Want to find fault in everything,” she added.

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