Malaysian Pilot Hands Duit Raya to Kids, Says Bye To Passengers Leaving Plane

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Duit Raya
Photo From TikTok

Capt JFK, an AirAsia pilot, won the hearts of netizens for his kind gesture of bidding farewell to passengers and giving young guests duit raya on a flight.

Captain JFK

In a video posted on TikTok, Capt JFK can be seen putting his hand over his chest and nodding slightly as passengers leave the plane, and kneeling down to give young passengers a traditional Hari Raya green packet.

Duit Raya

He also engaged in short conversations with some of the children to whom he gave the Duit Raya. The video has since received over 110,000 views, with many commenters praising the pilot’s kindness and professionalism. Capt JFK also thanked his team for their hard work.

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This is WHY we do what we do. Thank you for the smiles. Remember kids, be kind, stay humble and tag us the next time you FlyAirAsia. #AirAsia #WorldsBest #AllStars #TeamEffort #DuitRaya #Angpao #JustForKids #Captain #Pilot #Airbus #A320 #Cabin Thank you, awesome AirAsiaCabinCrew: Paris, Shaz, Nizam & Kama. Thank you SFO Taqi. Thank you GTR, ADE, Flight Ops, ATC & everyone working to get us to depart early & arrive early. You guys rock! 📷 Paris.

♬ Suasana Hari Raya (COVER) – MAZRO AKHIRO
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