The Simen Joke is Getting More Hilarious on Raya 2023

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Simen Joke
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It was a joke by a PAS supporter, saying that with the ‘Simen Ramah’ people should have simen soup instead since price of food, as alleged by the supporter, was high.

PAS-PN Jokes

Malaysia announced a special price package for individual house builders that cuts the price of cement by almost half, making it cheaper to build your own homes worth not more than RM300k. As usual, the PN-PAS found ways to joke about it. Now the joke is on them, with cynics playing it against them,

Cynics Simen Joke

Here’s the simen joke of the day: “Akibat makan simen di pagi raya, seorang penyokong PAS dikejarkan ke Masjid Rusila untuk rawatan lanjut. “Mula-mula ingat saya kelakar, bila dah tercekik baru sedar saya bodoh,” ujarnya kesal,” says a Twitter post. – Lucky its not semen ya.

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