MPs Forcing By-elections Could Face Voter Anger, Warns Academician

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An academician has warned that any lawmakers who quit their party and trigger a by-election in Malaysia may face voter frustration and potential defeat. There are strong rumours that some BN MPs are attempting to quit the party to force by-elections in the hope that will remove Anwar Ibrahim as the PM.


Meanwhile, observers are cautioning the MPs that protest votes is a possibility if they quit to force by-elections.

By-elections Not The Way

The best advise given to the PN opposition coalition is to focus on winning in the next general election instead of PN attempting to dethrone Anwar as prime minister. PAS’ Hadi has recently been indicating the opposition has rights to plan an overthrow of the government and claw their way to Putrajaya. Analysts, according to a local portal, urges PM to reconsider their plans.

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