KLCC Filled With Foreign Workers During Hari Raya

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Twin Towers KLCC
Photo by Esmonde Yong from Unsplash.

Netizens are currently complaining about how our flagship mall, Suria KLCC is currently overcrowded with foreign workers. This is usually true for Hari Raya, as they are usually unable to go back home to their families to celebrate with them. 

KLCC full of foreign workers 

A netizen states that this is just the same as Malaysians celebrating Christmas in London. It is the same difference as these foreign workers coming to KLCC to celebrate Hari Raya. Many are defending the actions of the foreign workers as they are the current backbone of our country in terms of hard labor. 

Another Twitter user states that it is not wrong for them to visit the mall, especially when many Malaysians are visiting their friends and families during these three days of Raya. Talks on how these foreign workers are severely discriminated against in our country are a popular one. 

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Twin Towers KLCC
Photo by Esmonde Yong from Unsplash.

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