Stop The Drama Yana: Twitter Users To Najib’s Daughter

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Drama Yana Najib
Photo from Yana Najib's Instagram

Najib Razak’s daughter, Yana, posted some emotional stuffs on her IG and this did not go down well with Twitter users where she is always bashed for her statements. They ask her to stop the drama Yana.


In her post, she says the Eid (she did not put Raya) is meaningless without Najib by her side. This got the internet mad at her with users on Twitter saying she should stop the drama and accept the reality of her Dad’s imprisonment.

Drama Yana Bashed

“Return back all your ill-gained properties to the people. Don’t steal again. This is the outcome Face it,” berated SatriaMalaysia (@adil_benar2020). Teasingly, @daddydon (@daddydon65) told Nooryana that she will have a chance to meet Najib during the Raya prison visitation.

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