Takbir Raya: PAS Students Wing No Better Than Cyber Troopers

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PAS Students
Takbir Raya: PAS Students Wing No Better Than Cyber Troopers

A PAS Student’s wing, thinking they know things better, attacked the Madani Malaysia concept and PM Anwar Ibrahim (and Umno) after the cancellation by TV3 of a religious programme planned by the PN.

PAS Bigotry

“Surely PMX (Anwar) bigots cannot afford to lie to themselves this time around that PMX has violated his reform struggle for the sake of (Datuk Seri Ahmad) Zahid Hamidi and UMNO’s power.”

“Anwar’s dignity is getting scarred while the Madani’s integrity is getting betrayed. The bad behaviour DNA of some UMNO leaders has now infiltrated the souls and bodies of PH leaders until it becomes part of their blood and flesh. In fact, the destruction goes beyond their roots and veins.”

PAS Students Cyber Troopers?

All are pure allegations made without concrete evidence. Is this what Islam teaches Muslims, and students on top of that? That is to make vain allegations without providing any proof of what they are stating. It is easy to join the cyber troopers in the maki2 job.

Instead of talking sense, they talk cock
Instead of talking sense, they talk cock

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