80’s Era SINGER Dayangku Intan OFFENDED By Online Attacks

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Dayangku Intan
She feels offended by online comments - Photo wikipedia
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80’s era singer, Dayangku Intan says it was offensive that a few netizens chose sarcasm to attack her online following her appearance in a show on a national television network.

Swear Words

She says the netizens claim that she is a senile artist and not good and they question why she was hired by the television station. Speaking to a local portal, Dayang say so many social media users used swear words to attack her.

Dayangku Intan

Before the event of her appearance on the TV station, Malaysian Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil, has denied allegations by singer Dayangku Intan that she was banned at the broadcasting agency due to political factors. The Director General of the Malaysian Broadcasting Department, Suhaimi Sulaiman, also denied the claims and emphasized that they do not “ban” any singer. Social Media users attacked her for her saying she got banned.

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