Never Ending POLITICAL Plots To DESTABILISE The Country?

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Political Plots
Denials and Denials we have seen so many but it still happens right?
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Yesterday was filled with reports of denials and ignorance by politicians on both sides of the spectrum with one claiming he had no idea or knowledge of an attempt to remove DS Anwar Ibrahim as PM. Another said they are not part of a plot to bring down the government.

Denial About Two Tuns

This is the story of the Two Tuns, with Bersatu denying that there is a plot between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Daim Zainudin to bring down the Madani government. Meanwhile, ex-Minister Wee Ka Siong of the MCA made a statement denying that he knows anything about a plot.

Never Ending Political Plots

What we know so far is there have been talks for sometime now that MPs from BN would resign and trigger a large number of by-elections. This would give PN more seats in the Parliament, thus triggering the downfall of Anwar as PM. Never ending political plots.

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