Louis Vuitton’s NEW RM 584,000 foosball table 

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Louis Vuitton
Image from Louis Vuitton's official website.

Louis Vuitton has launched a new sporting goods collection that includes a range of luxurious items. The collection starts with smaller items such as golf towels, sunglasses pouches, jump ropes, and a chess game priced at RM2,400 and RM20,500 respectively. 

Louis Vuitton’s other products in this release 

An epi leather foosball table priced at a staggering RM 389,812.50. Additionally, the collection offers billiard tables ranging from RM 476,685 to RM 584,000, featuring premium materials such as Monogram Eclipse canvas and hand-dyed leather with intricate details like Monogram Flower patterns, leather cues, and cowhide cue belts.

Apparently, it is not a new thing where Louis Vuitton makes these foosball tables. They continuously make them almost every year as limited collectibles. However, the prices are increasing every year. Twitter users are making fun of those who would actually purchase these items. But for the eccentric billionaires these items could be a novelty parlor item. 

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Louis Vuitton
Image from Louis Vuitton’s official website.

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