Production of Instant Noodles SUSPENDED Over Cancer-Causing Ingredient Concerns

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A local instant noodle manufacturer has suspended the production of one of its products after it was alleged to contain cancer-causing ingredients. The company’s spokesperson stated that the decision to stop production was made immediately upon learning of the news.

Instant noodle manufacturer suspended production on one of their products 

The company has cooperated by providing samples of the implicated instant noodles for testing at a private laboratory. The Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) visited the factory to collect samples for investigation over the suspended noodles. Other products are still being produced as usual, but production of the implicated instant noodles has been halted until the test results are obtained. 

The spokesperson mentioned that discussions with management will be held to determine the next steps, including the voluntary recall of the product as suggested by KKM. Meanwhile, a survey at the factory and surrounding premises found no sales of the implicated product, but instead, other instant noodles from different companies were available. 

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Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash

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