Not All Malay Voters Are Against The Penang State Gov

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Malay Voters, disapproval DAP, fix the economy, DAP invites BN
Not All Malay Voters Are Against The Penang State Gov

Slightly more than 50% of Malay voters have no difficulty with the DAP-led Penang state government, says Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy in an article today in a local portal.

Race and Religion

He says for the Malays, the race and religion narratives are important. Such narratives might be the tipping point of their ultimate preferences when it comes to voting.

“But at the same time, Malay voters are very rational,” he says.

“They are in position to separate the fact from the fiction. For the B40 group, bread and butter issues are equally salient in political and social contexts where they face no imagined threats.

Malay Voters

“This illustrates that Malay voters might have inherent dislike for DAP but they might not be prejudiced against the Penang state government in terms of delivery of services,” he writes.

The article is about the sudden number of ‘analysts’ who are predicting a massive win of the PN in Malay majority seats in Penang, which he says is not the case. Malays, he says, will not blindly cast their vote in favour of PN. The state government in Penang will also not be toppled, he adds.

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P. Ramasamy
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