Twitter Users Call Out APPLE For Alleged SUICIDE NETS Outside of FACTORIES 

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Image taken from Apple's official website.

Apple products are heavily used among Malaysians. According to statistics, almost 30% of Malaysians are iPhone users. Furthermore, there are over 29 million smartphone users in the country, which would mean almost 9 million people are using iPhones alone. This isn’t including Macs and other Apple accessories. 

Apple called out for their alleged shady practices 

Some users are alleging that the tech giant has suicide nets outside of their factories in China. Whether this is true or not, it is subjected to debate. Furthermore, if this is remotely true, it is unimaginable what the factories are like for other brands. 

Others are stating that these nets are to protect people from potential falling objects. Another user states that some are eager to make fun of China for their labor practices. There are some that state that the nets are for suicide. 

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Image taken from Apple’s official website.

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