1966: Women PROTESTED When Dior Refused To Make Mini Skirts 

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Image taken from Pinterest. Credits to the photographer.

These miniskirt fans, who identified themselves as members of “The British Society for the Advancement of the Mini-skirt,” demonstrated in opposition to Christian Dior’s below-the-knee designs outside the company’s headquarters. Other fashion houses raved the mini-skirts, especially those based in Paris.

Why did they protest against Dior? 

A group of ladies known as the “British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts” protested outside Dior’s 1966 fashion show with signs that read, “Mini skirts forever,” after the designer failed to include the season’s trendiest trend.


The French couture house was renowned for their conservative and feminine look after the second world war. Their “new look” dominated the whole 1950s and early 1960s in the western hemisphere. The slim waist and large puffy skirts was and still is a Dior staple to this day. They still have these conservative looks available instores but for the whooping price of RM26,000. 


The luxury brand has since been more accepting of modern trends. They were popular for their mini-skirts in the 2000s and it seems that they still have them today. Their Mini skirts today cost around RM 9,300 each. This protest will always be remembered in the fashion world where a brand will have to embrace modernity regardless of their standard looks. 

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