Bersatu CHALLENGES Speaker’s decision on vacant seats

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Bersatu, PN Judi, miss Muhyiddin

Bersatu has submitted a request to the court for approval to begin legal proceedings to declare that the parliamentary seats of four areas have been vacated. The application for permission was filed by two members of the party and named the Speaker of the House and four Members of Parliament as respondents. 

Bersatu’s challenge 

Bersatu seeks to cancel the decision made by the Speaker on January 16th, stating that the four MPs had provided explanations and confirmed that there were no vacancies. They also request a declaration that the four MPs have resigned from the House of Representatives and an order to confirm a sudden vacancy for all related parliamentary seats. 

The party also seeks a disclosure order for the respondents to submit all correspondence and records to and from the Speaker regarding the cessation of all involved MPs and confirmation that there are no sudden vacancies.

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