MISOGYNISTIC Comments About Women’s Private Parts VIRAL on Malaysian Twitter 

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It is to no surprise that Malaysians can still be inherently misogynistic. It is rather unfortunate, but it is still the reality for a lot of women out there to receive hate just by simply being a woman. A recent tweet went viral for stating that a woman’s private parts will “expand” after multiple partners. 

Misogynistic comments regarding women 

A female netizen fought back over these misogynistic comments stating that the female parts do not stay permanently “loose.” Unfortunately, she received a lot of backlash from other netizens, as they accuse her of the same thing. Such behavior should be discouraged from social media as it disturbs the peace among us all. 

Another netizen asked if women are actually wanting to participate in a sinful act called “zina” which directly translates to sexual intercourse. However, the replies state that it is not only the woman’s fault if it happens, as the man is also involved with the situation. 

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Photo by Gayatri Malhotra from Unsplash

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