PAS PROUD Of Their Political Open Houses Done By Kedah MB

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Image from @PASPusat on Twitter.

Right after the Prime Minister states that the opposition shouldn’t politicize Raya open houses, PAS is seemingly flexing theirs. The Kedah MB recently had his open house and a PAS Twitter account states that it is one of the biggest open houses many of the guests have ever seen. 

PAS and their political open houses 

The Twitter account claims that if there was food for 50,000 people, it would all be wiped clean. It is unsure whether this would be true or not. They claim that the event was done out of sincerity and there are no “lucky draws” or buses filled up with people to simply attend the event. 

Another Twitter user states that back in 2017, Ex PM Najib Razak did an open house where over 75,000 people attended. Less than a year later, he lost the election and for the first time UMNO became the opposition party. The moral of the story is, do not judge your political strength through festive events. 

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Image from @PASPusat on Twitter.

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