Is it Good to Mock The Kedah PN MP’s Tweet

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Kedah PN MP
nurul-amin-hamid - Photo Facebook

The Mocking

That’s a big question with an obvious answer and before you continue reading, when one acts stupid online, one gets mocked by netizens, right?

Kedah PN

And this is what happened to Nurul Amin Hamid, the Padang Terap MP in Kedah who tweeted a photo of the Rumah Terbuka Malaysia Madani in the state, questioning why Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution wore a yellow baju Melayu at the event which the Sultan of Kedah attended.

If you read the tweets below, do not laugh too much. The answers to his question and the response by some netizens are too funny.

Go ahead. Read the tweets.

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Nurul Amin Hamid – Photo Facebook

Image of the PAS logo.

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