Mother Sells Daughter For Rm56 To Buy Drugs

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A mother addicted to drugs and desperate for her next fix sold her 3-year-old daughter for a meager £10 (around RM56) to buy illegal substances. Tragically, her daughter was taken away by her mom’s male friend at night and was raped and murdered after being sold for drugs.

Mother sells daughter for drugs

The horrific incident was captured on CCTV, and the child was never seen again. Aurelia Salinas allowed her drug dealer friend to take her daughter, Luz Maida, in exchange for 30 tubes of cocaine worth £10. The child’s lifeless body was discovered wrapped in clothes on a bed in an abandoned house in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay on April 22.

The distressing CCTV footage shows Luz trying to escape from the criminals who took her from her mother’s house. Local residents, outraged by the incident, reportedly tried to kill Salinas when she was apprehended by the police after confessing to her daughter’s murder. Salinas and her male friend were detained for further investigation, and a 17-year-old boy was also allegedly involved. 

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Photo by Colin Davis on Unsplash

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