Remember Pavithra The YouTuber Who Dropped From Social Media

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Remember Pavithra The YouTuber Who Dropped From Social Media

The lady and her husband had it all: a successful YouTube channel, a Silver Play Button for hitting 100,000 subscribers, and even an award for being the inaugural icon of their hometown. Pavithra, 32, and her husband, M. Sugu, 33, touched many hearts with their easy-to-follow recipes on their YouTube channel, “Sugu Pavithra”.

Once Upon A Time

But fame can be a double-edged sword, as cracks in their marriage started to surface shortly after receiving the Ipoh City Icon award. She refused the title, wanting to remain a “normal” person, but her husband had a different reaction. He pleaded not guilty to two charges after causing harm to Pavithra and being in possession of a sickle at a hospital.

Pavithra Award Speech

The altercation reportedly arose from his resentment over not being mentioned during her award acceptance speech. Since their last video upload in October 2021, the once-thriving couple has vanished from the internet, leaving their 826,000 subscribers yearning for their return.

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YouTuber Who Dropped From Social Media

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