PN Sure of WINNING 33 Seats in Selangor

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Photo of Selangor MB Aminuddin Shari from Portal Kerajaan Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan
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PN is confident in winning the support of Malay voters in Selangor during the upcoming state election. According to Roslan Shahir, the Secretary of PAS Selangor, PN’s target of winning 33 seats out of 56 state assembly seats is achievable due to the support they received from Malay voters in the previous general election.

PN Target

He highlighted that even UMNO failed to secure any parliamentary seats in Selangor during PRU15, thus emphasizing the strength of PN’s support among the Malay electorate. Roslan also cited the victory of PAS’ representative, Datuk Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, in the Kuala Langat parliamentary seat, which has a Malay voter percentage of 58.32%, as an example of PN’s potential to win in areas with a significant Malay electorate.


Therefore, PN believes that it can provide a formidable challenge to the ruling PH coalition by securing the support of the majority Malay voters in Selangor. Sure winning 33 seats?

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