Cruelty Unmasked: Malaysian Man Finds Cat Tied In Bag And Intended To Drown

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Image screenshotted from @jnmalaysia's Twitter page.

Typically, we Malaysians tend to love our animals, especially when it comes to cats. These felines are an important fixture in Malaysia’s majority religion which is Islam. Hence, it is understandable why this story is pretty heartbreaking for Malaysians. Furthermore, animal abuse of such a nature should not be tolerated in our civil society. 

Cat tied up in a bag

Thankfully, the cat is still alive when released. Furthermore, the feline was found in dog food packaging. It is unclear what was the exact reason for placing such a helpless creature and making its supposedly last living days fearful for what’s to come. 

In typical Malaysian fashion, there are complaints that the man rescuing the animal would have opened the packaging while he’s on the boat. However, logically speaking, a fearful cat would definitely run away as far as possible from anyone after being traumatized. If it was opened while the man was still on the river, it would possibly drown. 

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Image screenshotted from @jnmalaysia’s Twitter page.

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