Remember Now PH Holds 40 Seats in Selangor

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PH is the government in Selangor, a rich state targeted by PN to control after the PRN in June or July this year. Nevertheless, the state seats are hot tickets for many and there are always divisions and anger among leaders and party members on the distribution of seats for the contest.

15 Years of Defeating BN

Now that BN is part of the Selangor government – according to the Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari – and the two parties are bound to negotiate seats, PH people are not willing to give in to any debate or demands. For 15 years, PH has been beating BN in the state.

PH holds 40 seats

On the other hand, Rafizi has said that an alliance between PH and BN will ensure that the coalition will win 53 seats while PN is still trumpeting its chances of winning Selangor on a daily basis, which is part of its psy game to discourage PH and BN voters. Currently, PH holds 40 seats.

Selangor State Assembly Seat Distribution
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