Takiyuddin and Hamzah To Meet Anwar For Allowances. Finally?

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PN leaders Takiyuddin and Hamzah are set to meet with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to discuss the distribution of allowances to opposition MPs. PN whip chief Takiyuddin Hassan stated that the allocation should be distributed without any conditions, as it is intended for the people, not the MPs themselves.

New Arguments From PN

He argued that the opposition’s request for the allocation is irrelevant, as the funds are already available and only need to be distributed. Which is a new argument that PN came out with after all the months of rejecting the idea of meeting the government reps on the matter.

Tkiyuddin and Hamzah

Takiyuddin emphasized that PN MPs face requests from the public for contributions towards development and welfare, and they hope that the government will take action promptly as a new budget will be presented in October. Opposition leader Hamzah Zainudin will also accompany him to meet Anwar. No time is set for the Takiyuddin and Hamzah meet.

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