University Student CRIES On TikTok Video After Unable To Purchase FOOD 

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For most university students, the cafeteria is their life line as the food there is generally more affordable than eateries outside of campus. This is especially true for those studying in public universities as they may come from a lower income family and every Ringgit counts for their well being. 

University student cries after unable to purchase food

The unfortunate incident happened recently as the student claims that he and others were forced to starve for 24 hours. The university student claims that he has the funds to purchase but due to the closure of the cafe he wasn’t able to eat. He adds that the university management forced the students to come back to campus. 

Some are stating that the students should’ve booked a Grab ride to the nearest eateries. However, some state that Grab fares might cost the students at least RM15 one way depending on the location. 

Others defend the student stating that introverted people can have problems in communicating, hence, it would be hard for them to get out of their comfort zones. Furthermore, the user states that not all students have the privilege to pay extra to order food on Foodpanda or Grab Food. 

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University student
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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