Rumours Have it Anwar Lost Support in Parliament?

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The opposition is very good at spreading news, whether fake or fabricated or preemptive, and this time Bersatu’s fabulous number 126 sparked rumours that ‘jumla sudah cukup’ for the Palace to summon Muhyiddin Yassin to form a new government. Did they mean to say Anwar lost support in Parliament?

Only Parliament

But fresh reports say those seeking to challenge prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s majority will have to do so in Parliament and not otherwise. Quoting a well-placed source, a local portal says an abrupt change in government was unlikely, adding that “any attempt to change the government through the Palace won’t happen”.

Anwar Lost Support?

“If there is to be a change in government, it must be done either through a vote of no confidence or the dissolution of Parliament,” the source says, after rumours spread on SocMed that Bersatu is saying it has 126 MPs (or so if we interpret their post about Parliament and jumlah sudah cukup.”

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