Scammer Keeps Asking For FINANCIAL HELP From Others 

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It is a noble thing to financially help someone, especially for those that are going through a difficult time. However, it appears that this netizen has helped this person before by donating some money to this alleged scammer, only for them to come again later to ask for more money. Netizens are not happy with this. 

Scammer asks for financial help from multiple people 

The netizen has given others money as well in order to aid them through tough times. However, this scammer keeps asking her for more, to which it is impolite. Furthermore, they are able bodied people that are capable of making an extra income. 

In addition to this, the person ended up hanging out at an expensive cafe to kill some time while waiting for their boss. The worst part is that this scammer has been using the same template for all of their messages to other Twitter users for financial help. 

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Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

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