Teenagers Praised For CALLING OUT Older Man For Smoking In Mamak Restaurant 

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Mamak restaurant Smoking
Photo by Stephen Hocking on Unsplash

On one hand, a mamak restaurant is typically where a lot of people go to hang out and smoke. Especially for those from the older generation. However, in 2018 a new law was enacted that forbade any smoking in eateries in order to curb the smoking rate. From then on, it has been a heavily debated subject. 

Smoking at a mamak restaurant 

Netizens are calling the teenagers brave for telling the older man to not smoke in the restaurant. Others are questioning the authority of the restaurant staff as they could’ve easily done the same thing. However, some suggest that the restaurants do not want trouble from their customers. 

It is said that the restaurant is Pelita Nasi Kandar, which is located near Ampang Point. Netizens are also calling out the older man saying that he should not have been rude to the teenagers. Furthermore, those that live in Ampang clearly know that there is a legitimate smoking zone right behind Pelita. 

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Mamak restaurant Smoking
Photo by Stephen Hocking on Unsplash

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