University Student Who Cried APOLOGIZES For Food Incident

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University Student
Image screenshotted from TikTok user @bayinuckal

Yesterday, the university student who cried on camera went and made an apology video citing that he is apologetic towards the situation. He states that the university did offer food for the students in lieu of the cafeteria closing. It was just the fact that he wasn’t aware of the situation. 

University student apologizes to university management 

Netizens are criticizing the young man for his TikTok username, asking if he is an actual “budak nakal.” This is without regards to his username being completely irrelevant towards the whole situation. There are some who speculate that he is an AI due to how he looks. 

Others are brutal towards the student saying that he is a “cry baby” and that he could’ve easily bought instant noodles for the duration of their cafe’s closure. Regardless, the university student made a mistake but netizens appear to not want to forgive him for his errors. 

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University Student CRIES On TikTok Video After Unable To Purchase FOOD

The student claims that he has the funds to purchase but due to the closure of the cafe he wasn’t able to eat. He adds that the university management forced the students to come back to campus.…

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University Student
Image screenshotted from TikTok user @bayinuckal

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