115 MPs Support HADI As New PM: FAKE NEWS

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More fake news is out there among PAS supporters who are getting very emotional in their group chats talking about 115 MPs in Parliament giving support to Hadi Awang to be the next PM. They also say Monday next week is the date for Hadi to become the 11th PM.


But today, Takiyuddin Hassan from the PAS made a statement on Instagram saying: “The media statement entitled ‘Support for YB Tan Sri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, Member of Parliament for Marang as Prime Minister of Malaysia’ which is currently going viral is false and has nothing to do with any of the parties mentioned.’


So the number 126, said to be the number of.MPs backing PN in Parliament, came down to 115 and it also came down to a fake news that has been raging among PAS-PN supporters online. It never ends?

Fake News
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Photo of Takiyuddin Hassan from Wikipedia

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