Why The Fall of PH is Not HAPPENING Now

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Parliament with PKR flag

There are many reasons why the Pakatan Harapan government headed by PM Anwar Ibrahim will not collapse, not now, and most probably not in the short term as predicted by PN-PAS.

A Tweet of Value

If you read the thread above on Twitter, you will realise that PN-PAS are peddling lies about their supposed 126 jumlah dah cukup campaign that has rocked the PH ground.

NO Fall of PH

People have seen too many betrayals and MPs lompat here and there that they do not have much faith in the Parliamentarians. Lately, we also reported on the alleged two PKR MPs (still unmasked) who supposedly met with PN-PAS in a bid to bring down Anwar as PM. But this tweet from a PH insider says all of you should chill.

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