Race-Based Movements Not Justified, Says Gerakan Leader

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Image of Oh Tong Keong from his official Facebook page.

Oh Tong Keong, the Deputy President of Gerakan, a party under the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition, criticized the actions of his colleagues in PAS and Bersatu for supporting the Malay Proclamation founded by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, describing it as “unjustifiable.” He urged opposition leaders to unite to help develop the struggling economy instead of activating a race-based movement. 

Gerakan leader, Oh Tong Keong’s viewpoints 

The Gerakan leader pointed out that the primary issue now is the people’s economy, which is under pressure, and suggested that the opposition should work with the government to increase salaries and improve public policies while avoiding political games. However, Oh made it clear that his disappointment was a personal view and did not represent his party as a whole. 

On a different note, Oh mentioned that negotiations for the distribution of seats in Penang ahead of the upcoming state election are nearly complete, and the remaining seats would be finalized soon.

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Image of Oh Tong Keong from his official Facebook page.

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