OPR Interest Hike: It was GOOD When PAS in Gov’t

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Image of Tan Sri Hadi Awang, from Wikipedia. Photo taken by Zahirul Nukman.

It seems that everything was so good when PAS was in the government and even the OPR hike by BNM in 2022 was seen as a good sign for the economy. This is what we found in an edition of the Harakah Daily, the PAS organ online.

Good for Economy

The artile even explained in detail what is the OPR, why it has to increase and how good it is for the economy, rakyat and country overall to increase the ‘interest’ rates. Note that Islam bans interest in all its forms, even in OPR form. OPR interest, bank interest, money lending interest. All haram.

OPR Interest: Bad For Rakyat

Read the Harakah article here.

OPR pula akan menyebabkan duit dalam bentuk tunai menjadi kurang dalam pasaran yang menjadi salah satu indikator inflasi yang rendah, the party’s newspaper says. But read here how the organ demonise the Pakatan Harapan government over the BNMs hike of the OPR (article dated 8 March 2023).

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Harakah Inflasi Interest Rates

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