Al-Hilal Offers Staggering RM1.8 BILLION Contract to Sign MESSI

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Al-Hilal, Messi
Photo of Messi from Twitter

WHAT? That’s a lot of money and though petrodollars are unlimited seemingly, that is a whopping deal that even Mr Lionel Messi cannot refuse, perhaps. So the news is out that he is leaving PSG at the end this year to sign a deal with the Saudi club Al-Hilal.

Gila Apa Al-Hilal?

Telegraph Sport says Messi is in talks with the Saudi Arabian club over a £320m per year contract to play in the Saudi Pro League. A month before this offer, in a report, Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano says that Saudi Football Club Al-Hilal sent an official bid for a €400 million annual contract.

Messi Beat Ronaldo?

He will be the highest-paid sportsman of all time, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s earnings in Al Nassr, but this is out of the world!

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